In Defense of Chemicals

Look at all the chemicals in this . . . lemon?

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 8.01.33 AM
Poster by James Kennedy

Sometimes chemicals get a bad rap.  But they’re in everything.   There’s no escape.  I love this poster on the all-natural lemon by James Kennedy, one of many he has made highlighting the long, chemical-laden list of ingredients in fruits.

He has a recent post I’m highlighting here, about Ava Winery and its synthetic wine.  The scientist vintners at Ava are attempting to re-create some of the world’s most celebrating wines not with grapes and fermentation tanks, but with an ingredient list, chemicals, and a bunch of lab equipment.

James writes:

The wines your great-grandchildren might one day drink on Mars will soon be coming to a bottle near you. Ava Winery is a San Francisco-based startup creating wines molecule by molecule, without the need for grapes or fermentation. With complete control over the chemical profile of the product, Ava’s wines can be created safely, sustainably, and affordably, joining the food technology revolution in creating the foods of the future.

The future is here, and I can’t wait to order a bottle of synthetic wine!


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