Welcome to I Love A Good Story!

fullsizeoutput_72e9I am a writer living in New York City, working on a novel, writing articles on parenting, and blogging here.

Since junior high, I have spent long hours writing as a way to process thoughts and make sense of life.  I never considered myself a writer, until I realized not everyone needs journaling like water and oxygen.  Once I became a mom, writing took on a new fervor.  I wrote an essay about parenting when my first child was five months old, and a year later, my first fiction scene.

I have a background in Anthropology (MA) and Chemistry (PhD).  I focused my research on using the tools of analytical chemistry to explore artifacts from archaeological digs and the human genome.  After graduate school, I worked at a management consulting firm for three years, specializing in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  Following that, I taught high school science in New York City for ten years.  In addition to writing, I love to exercise, explore NYC, and laugh.