Welcome to my blog!

In this picture I am about to drink a genetically modified beer.

I am a science teacher, writer, and mom of 2 small kids (a girl toddler referred to as BRK, and a boy baby referred to as Owl) living in New York City.  I have a real PhD in Chemistry, and self-ascribed honorary PhDs in all kinds of things I obsess about, like Toddlerism (copyright: my husband and I), social commentary, and microbes.

I am currently teaching AP Chemistry and working on a book, The Gorlinsky Chronicles, about a newly minted PhD’s first year in Corporate America.  I like to read at Open Mics and am slowly building up the nerve to read at a Moth story night.

I do love a good story, and love sharing my own stories about science, writing, and life-at-large.  I post here every Tuesday and Friday.